As the author of the award-winning children’s book, SOFIA’S STOOP STORY: 18TH STREET, BROOKLYN, I’m excited to share some wonderful resources with all of you dedicated teachers out there who are bringing Sofia’s world to life in your classrooms. I’ve always believed that stories are not just meant to entertain, but also to educate. SOFIA’S STOOP STORY is a tale of family and storytelling, but it has been my utmost pleasure to see it being used as a tool for learning.

Firstly, let me extend my gratitude for the incredible job you do every day in molding young minds. Your role in your students’ lives is paramount, and I’m thrilled to provide some additional tools to help with your teaching journey. Click below to download some resources that I believe will make reading ‘Sofia’s Stoop Story’ even more fun and educational in your classrooms.